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Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed

Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed

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Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed is the hardiest of the winter grains. Winter Rye will germinate at temperatures as low as 35 degrees F and grows well even in infertile soil. 


Winter Rye’s root system is extensive and captures nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium deep beneath the soil surface.  The plant will hold the nutrients and when you till it back into your soil and those nutrients become available for your plants to use.   Winter Rye breaks down quickly and will not re-sprout from vegetative tissue. 


Sow 7 to 10 pounds of Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed per 1,000 square feet in the fall or when your growing season is over. For nutrient recycling, cut it back before it goes to seed or 3-6 weeks prior to the next planting season.  Till or work it under the soil so that as it decomposes, the nutrients will be released directly into the soil.

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