The Holland Journey

A timeline from the first pumpkins to the 2017 World Champion Pumpkin & Beyond...

It all began in 1974

when Joel Holland and his twins started on a journey to grow big pumpkins...

Then in 1992..

28 years later Joel set his 1st world record at 827 lbs!

The 827 went on to become one of the most prolific producers of world class giant pumpkins ever.

Explore world records!

Joel would go on to win a record 7 times at Half Moon Bay!

In 1998 Holland's Land O' Giant was created!

Using their experience in the organic gardening industry, Joel and Mari Lou Holland set out curate the highest quality products to help growers reach their goals.

Then in 2017 another record!

Heaviest pumpkin in the US for 2017 at 2,363 lbs!

The Joel and the twins with the record setting pumpkin 43 years later.

Highlights from the record setting year!

Joel sharing his giant with the world!

Tried and True results

Joel continued to grow award winning pumpkins while supporting growers worldwide with Land O- Giants products. He has grown 50 pumpkins over 1,000-pounds.

In 2023 Joel and Mari Lou decided to hand over Land O' Giants to the next generation.

They looked forward spending more time with family & friends but also focusing on just growing giants!


New owners Brooke & Jon made a name for themselves by starting Maple Leaf Pumpkins in 2021. Brooke also started selling seeds and helping local growers in the greater Seattle area. After gaining some local notoriety, they decide to partner with the Hollands to continue to serve growers from around the world with the very best seeds, videos, and growing supplies!

We are so excited to help you reach you goals. Happy growing!