Growers Calculator

We've created this helpful tool to make easy work of some of the common calculations growers need throughout the season. 

The worksheet includes the following tools:

  • OTT Calculator
  • OTT Over time
  • Volume, Weight & Measurement calculators 

Download the worksheet here!

OTT Calculator

Estimate the weight of your fruit with a few simple measurements. 

OTT Overtime

Keep all your OTT measurements over the course of a season in one place! Allows to to see change over short and long periods of time.

Volume, Weight & Measurement calculators

This sheet includes a number of helpful calculators

  1. Area Volume Converter - Use to calculate the total volume of a patch and quickly convert to both Cubic Feet and Cubic Yard
  2. Cover Acre to Square Feet - Use to scale down usage directions from Acres to square feet or vice versa. 
  3. Volume per 1,000 sqft calculator - Use when directions are per 1,000 sqft to scale to your growing area.
  4. Large Volume soluble liquid converter - Use to scale up small does of soluble nutrients for large volumes of water.
  5. Volume Converter - A singe table to convert all liquid volumes into equivalent units. 

Download the worksheet here!