About Us


A message from Joel Holland

I first started producing videos in 1992, the year I established a New World Record for Giant Pumpkins at 827 pounds. The size of pumpkins have increased tremendously since then. To date,  I have grown a total of 124 pumpkins over 1,000-pounds.

Over the years I have identified the finest foliar nutrients, specialized sprinklers, beneficial soil inoculants, and other tools to help others succeed at growing giant pumpkins. It is gratifying to hear from growers all over the World who have used our seeds, videos, and growing supplies to produce their own giant pumpkins for competition or just for fun!


A message from Brooke 

Together, with my husband Jon, we are the new and excited owners of Holland’s Land O’ Giants and we look forward to spreading the joy of gardening and growing giant pumpkins in rural and urban areas.  We live in Seattle, Washington, and being in an urban setting, we don't have the largest footprint but I have always enjoyed gardening. I started growing giant pumpkins in 2020 in the parking strip in front of my home and as the vines took off down the street, so did my crazy obsession for this hobby.  I have been growing every year since, always trying to beat my last year's weight while researching and experimenting with different growing techniques, fertilization, and water plans. 

Our goal is to help urban and rural growers around the world be successful in growing giant pumpkins and other competitive fruit by providing the best microorganisms, fertilizers, and growing supplies. We provide the highest quality of products at the best price available for our customers so they can be successful in their gardening endeavors.  

Whether you are a seasoned grower going for a record or an urban gardener looking for big results in a small space, we are here to help!