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Fish Powder Soluble 12-1-1

Fish Powder Soluble 12-1-1

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Soluble Fish Powder is indispensable in supplying organic nitrogen to plants, especially giant fruits and vegetables, in order for them to get as big as possible before pollination.

When Joel Holland beat the world record weight in 2017, Soluble Fish Powder provided his Giant Pumpkin plant with enough nitrogen to grow big enough and enable pollination of a blossom 10 feet out on a vine early in the year  The pumpkin had time to grow to its behemoth size of 2,363 pounds by the weigh-in at the beginning of October.


Soluble Fish Powder is superior to liquid fish emulsions. It is produced in a low-temperature process that enzymatically digests fish protein preserving vital factors. Liquid fish emulsions are made in a high-temperature process that can break down the amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes also requiring powerful stabilizers and preservatives to avoid spoilage. Soluble Fish Powder is completely dry and requires no additives. Soluble Fish Powder is less expensive to ship, easier to handle, and more stable in storage. One pound of Soluble Fish Powder is equal to 2 gallons of liquid fish emulsion concentrate.

Soluble Fish Powder is a perfect partner to our Soluble Seaweed Powder. Soluble Fish Powder provides the bulk of nitrogen and macronutrients and Soluble Seaweed Powder provides essential trace minerals and growth-promoting hormones, and has up to 17% potassium. The two products can be mixed for a combo spray or applied separately. Both are also compatible with regular soluble fertilizers.


Use 1 tbs. powder per gallon of water or 1 cup per 16 gallons of water.  Dissolve the powder in very WARM water, let stand for 20 minutes, and then remix. Keep the dry powder tightly sealed and store it in a dry and cool area.  

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