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Land O’ Giants

Seeds With a Pedigree: 1,800 -1,999 lbs

Seeds With a Pedigree: 1,800 -1,999 lbs

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Seeds With a Pedigree - $50

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Single seed packages with a "Family Tree"

Grow a winner! Our premium Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds have recorded ancestry.  These premium Pedigree Seeds have genetics from pumpkins from the finest growers in the world.


Joel grew the 1,885.5 Werner which was the seedstock responsible for the 2021 World Record of 2,702.9 pounds by Stefano Cutrupi.  He also grew the Mendi 2,183.7, and this seedstock grew 4 pumpkins over 2,200 pounds in 2021. Joel crossed the Werner 1,885.5 and the 2,183.7 Mendi with each other producing our 1,802-22 which took 1ST Place at the Elysian Brewery Weigh-Off in Seattle.

The 2,183.7 X 1,885.5 cross produced our 1,937(dmg)-22. Right before a weigh-off, the 1,937 developed a pinhole crack at the bottom of a deep rib. The 1,802 had the same pedigree and didn’t have deep ribs, so I think this factor will be bred out in the 1,937 seeds.

Joel grew a 1,679 pound pumpkin in 2019 that was 2,145 McMullen X 2,528 Geddes. This seedstock produced a 1,990 pounder for Wade Klema in north Minnesota. The 1,990 won 1st place for him in a non-GPC event.

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