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Humic Acid-86 0-0-4

Humic Acid-86 0-0-4

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Not all humic acid is the same!

The problem with many brands is that you have to buy a large amount of relatively inert product to get a small amount of active ingredients. Humic Acid-86 is 86% active Humic Acid in a water-soluble powder. This product is OMRI-certified organic.


Humic Acid-86 contains calcium and several other minerals essential for plant growth. The Humic Acid found in our product promotes vegetable growth, increases the germination rate of seeds, activates the plant's metabolism, and improves the absorption of mineral elements through the roots and leaves. Humic Acid-86 also improves tilth, workability, and aeration of the soil and increases nutrient availability. Humic Acid also improves the buffering properties of the soil and increases the soil's cation exchange capacity.


HUMIC ACID-86 may be applied dry or mixed with water for a spray. 

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