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Faerie Hybrid Watermelon

Faerie Hybrid Watermelon

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Faerie is a non-traditional watermelon in that it has a creamy yellow rind with thin stripes yet still yields sweet pink-red flesh with a high sugar content and crisp texture.

Home gardeners will like growing something unique in their garden and the fact that the vines are vigorous yet spread only to 11 feet means it takes up less space in the garden. Fruit is between 7 - 8 inches long and weighs only four to six pounds making it a perfect family-size melon. Professional growers will appreciate the disease and insect tolerance as well as the prolific fruit set that starts early and matures in 60 days.  This watermelon was the 2012 All-American Selections Edible Vegetable winner.  Seeds come with growing instructions.

10 seeds per packet.

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