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Land O’ Giants

Seeds With a Pedigree: 1,500 -1,699 lbs

Seeds With a Pedigree: 1,500 -1,699 lbs

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Seeds With a Pedigree - $34

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Single seed packages with a "Family Tree"

Grow a winner! Our premium Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds have recorded ancestry.  These premium Pedigree Seeds have genetics from pumpkins from the finest growers in the world.

1,614 (1,679 Holland X 2,183.7 Mendi) The 1,614 won 1st place at Christianson Nursery Weigh-Off in Skagit Valley. It weighed 4% heavy. The 1,614 was grown from our own 1,679 seed, the also grew the 1,990-pound pumpkin in Northern Minnesota.

1,515 (1,674 Holland X 2,183.7 Mendi) The 1,515 was perhaps the prettiest pumpkin of all time. This giant was a bright, shiny orange with a nice high round shape. The 1,515 was grown from our own seed and was a steady grower.

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