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Biorepel is a cutting-edge, all-natural insect repellant that works on the opposite tactical consideration of pheromones.

Instead of attracting insects to a trap, it repels most insect pests including the Squash Leaf Vine BorerThis product is OMRI-certified organic.


Biorepel confuses the hyper-sensitive sense of smell that insect pests have by disguising your pumpkin patch or garden as a field of garlic. Biorepel is formulated with pure garlic juice and is completely safe to handle and use. The garlic odor is only detectable by humans for a short time but remains offensive to insect pests.


Mix one part Biorepel with 100 parts water and shake well. Apply every 1-14 days depending upon the level of infestation. For Squash Leaf Vine Borers, we recommend increasing the frequency of application to once every 5 - 7 days.

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