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Biomin Cal-Boro Concentrate

Biomin Cal-Boro Concentrate

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Calcium is the brick and Boron is the mortar!

Biomin Cal-Boro Concentrate contains a mixture of calcium and boron designed for soil or foliar applications. It is highly bio-available and an excellent source of two essential elements that work together to build strong, healthy plants and fruit. Boron is critical for calcium uptake and mobility. Boron also aids the conversion of nitrogen and carbohydrates into more complex substances such as protein, effects the transfer of sugars within the plant, exerts a marked influence on cell division, and aids in the formation of membranes. This product is OMRI-certified organic.


Nitrogen 1%, Calcium 5%, Boron 1%


For best results, apply when the crop is in the active growing stage, after irrigation or natural rain fall. For foliar application, dilute it with at least 100 times of water.

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