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Big Foot Microbes

Big Foot Mycorrhizae Gold 4 oz.

Big Foot Mycorrhizae Gold 4 oz.

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The gold standard of microbial root inoculants!

The most powerful Mycorrhizae is here!  Big Foot Gold is the pinnacle of the next generation of mycorrhizae that will supercharge your growth.  It was engineered ingredient by ingredient to maximize every aspect of the natural symbiosis between mycorrhizae and roots. Unlike competing brands, Big Foot Gold uses carriers that aid in stimulating mycorrhizal growth, which means less waste and better results, faster.

Big Foot Gold is a direct-to-root inoculum that sets a new standard of what an elite product should look like. With 400 in-vitro endomycorrhizal propagules per gram and almost 1 billion colony-forming units per gram of nitrogen-fixing beneficial bacteria, Big Foot Gold is second to none.  Big Foot Gold can be applied directly inside the potting hole or mixed with water to make a solution.


Glomus aggregatum - 100 propagules/gram
Glomus etunicatum - 100 prop/gram
Glomus intraradices - 100 prop/gram
Glomus mosseae - 100 prop/gram

Bacillus subtilis - 350,000,000 cfu/gram
Bacillus licheniformis - 200,000,000 cfu/gram
Bacillus megaterium - 200,000,000 cfu/gram
Bacillus simplex - 200,000,000 cfu/gram


For best results apply every 2 - 3 weeks. 

Direct To Root:

Use 1 tsp of Big Foot Gold per clone/small plant, 1 tbs per larger plant – ensure thorough coverage.

Solution Ratio:

Mix 1 tsp per 2 gallons of water, stir well.

Existing Plants:

Drench solution into the root zone at the rates below:

Container Amount  
4'" Pot 3-5 oz
1 Gallon Pot 6-10 oz
3 gallon Pot 16-32 oz
5 gallon Pot 32-64 oz


Add 1 tsp of Big Foot Gold per liquid gallon of tea/brew.


1 tsp per 10 gallons (of water)
2 tsp per 20 gallons
3 tsp per 50 gallons
5 tsp per 100 gallons
Settling will occur – this is normal.

Sprinkle Big Foot Gold inside of the potting hole, ensuring thorough coverage. Place plant directly on the powder and backfill with soil.

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