Not Your Typical Blog Posts

Not your typical blogs….

Not only am I a pumpkin head, I’m a self-proclaimed science nerd that loves research!  What does that mean? Well, prior to owning Holland’s Land O’ Giants, I worked in Primatology as a Resarch Scientist at the University of Washington and Tulane University.  I researched animal behavior and authored and co-authored multiple papers and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals.  I love research!  So when I’m interested in something, I like to research the topic and experiment!  Through experimentation, I’ve become a better gardener and giant pumpkin grower.  I refuse to only throw money at my pumpkin to get the biggest growth while remaining naive and inexperienced. Instead, I experiment with techniques and nutrients that aid in my cognitive growth AND my pumpkin’s growth each year.  I’m not afraid to tell our customers to play and experiment with their growing methods while providing accurate information to better their own gardening skills.  I know animals but I also know plants.

These blogs are to help our customers learn more about our products and why you should use them.  Why the products are so important not only for plant growth but often times, the environment too.  In the blogs, I’ll include credible and peer-reviewed resources to back up the facts and allow you to do further research if you so choose.  If you want to recommend a resource, send it my way!  If you want more information about something, contact me!  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it and share it with you!  I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know something, how else am I, or you, supposed to grow?  I’m not going to make up an answer or report inaccurate information to make my hypothesis true.  That’s just unethical.  

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that I often write ‘Fun Fact Friday’ posts about something regarding gardening.  So many of these “blog” posts started while I was writing those but here, I have more space to expound on those topics while presenting proper references.  So, when my husband Jon, read these he laughed and said, “Brooke, these aren’t blogs, these are your research papers!”  Hehe.  You do you and I’ll do me. 

So, please enjoy our blogs and know that the facts are backed up by credible research to not only broaden all of our knowledge but to lead to better and more successful gardening and farming practices.


Brooke Oettinger

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