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Spring Wake-Up!

Spring Wake-Up!

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Get your fruits, vegetables, and GIANTS off to a great start!

Spring Wake Up! is a unique product made with freeze-dried molasses and is optimized for maximum effectiveness with the addition of Amino Acid Bio-Activator. It is a soil building product and is used to quickly stimulate microbes in the soil and give an indirect benefit of fertility.  


Spring Wake UP! causes an explosion of beneficial soil organisms to get your cool spring soil ready to start supplying nutrients right out of the gate. Freeze-dried molasses in an easy to apply granular form is many times more concentrated than liquid molasses.  100% natural and organic.  


Spring Wake Up! can be applied with a spreader or broadcast. Apply 3-pounds in a 10’ X 10’ area for each giant pumpkin plant, or 5-pounds per 100’ foot of row for other fruits and vegetables.

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