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Langbeinite 0-0-22

Langbeinite 0-0-22

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0–0–22 Plus 10.5% Magnesium and 21% Sulfur

Langbeinite is a mineral that is made of potassium, magnesium, and sulfur and is extracted from mines close to Carlsbad, New Mexico. It is all-natural and like many of our products is formed into granules for easy dust-free handling and spreading.  It is approved for organic production and OMRI-certified.


Used as a fertilizer, langbeinite is considered potash, meaning it supplies potassium. However, it also contains magnesium and sulfur, which makes it even more desirable as a well-rounded fertilizer. Since all three elements are combined in one mineral, any sample of langbeinite has a uniform distribution of nutrients. Another aspect of langbeinite that makes it desirable as a garden fertilizer is that it does not change soil acidity. Other types of magnesium fertilizer can alter the pH, making the soil more alkaline or acidic. It is also used as a fertilizer for plants that cannot tolerate much salt or chloride.


Apply 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 2 pounds per 100-foot row for fruits, vegetables, and berries.

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