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Granulated Steamed Bone Meal 3-15–0 Plus 20% Calcium

Granulated Steamed Bone Meal 3-15–0 Plus 20% Calcium

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Once you try our STEAMED BONE MEAL you will never accept any substitute!

Our STEAMED BONE MEAL is ground to an extremely fine powder for quick action. It is then formed into granules with an all-natural water-soluble binder. It is very easy to handle and apply to the garden. This product is OMRI-certified organic. It is great for giant pumpkins, fruits, berries, vegetables, fruit trees, flower bulbs, and transplants! 


Once applied to the soil, the granules dissolve back into a fine powder to supply phosphorous, calcium, and nitrogen to your plants. It is registered with OMRI and WSDA for organic food production. 


Add 1 tablespoon per planting hole or apply 3 pounds per 100 square feet of garden space or 100 feet of row.  Add 1 to 2 pounds per fruit tree or 25 feet of berry row.

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