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Biogrow Endo Plus

Biogrow Endo Plus

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The premium 4-species Mycorrhizal Fungi for growing giant pumpkins

BioGrow Endo Plus was one of Joel Holland’s preferred sources of mycorrhizae when growing his 2017 World Champion Pumpkin weighing 2,363 pounds.  It is a high-performance mix of mycorrhizal fungi that accelerate plant vigor by greatly increasing the surface-absorbing area of the roots while producing a healthier root system. Mycorrhizal fungal filaments in the soil are truly extensions of root systems and are more effective in nutrient and water absorption than the roots themselves. Approximately 95 percent of plant species on the planet form a symbiotic relationship with the beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.


Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots, thereby greatly improving the ability of the plant to access soil resources. Mycorrhizal fungi also increase nutrient uptake by releasing powerful organic compounds into the soil that help solubilize hard-to-capture nutrients, such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and other “tightly bound” soil nutrients. This extraction process is particularly important in plant nutrition and explains why non-mycorrhizal plants require high levels of fertilization to maintain their health. Mycorrhizal fungi form an intricate web that captures and assimilates nutrients, conserving the nutrient capital in soils.

Many mycorrhizal fungi are unable to survive in nature for extended periods without their host.  The relationship between the fungus and the plant is symbiotic, meaning both members of the relationship obtain a benefit from each other.  Mycorrhizae get fed the sugars and fats that plants exude from their roots. To better soil structure and greatly expand a plant's access to soil nutrients and water, the endo mycorrhizae found in BioGrow Endo Plus will wage chemical warfare against disease and pathogenic activity. The fungi protect the host plant and its root systems from disease, such as fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, and Rhizoctonia. Growers in North America and around the world use BioGrow Endo Plus to grow champion fruits and vegetables.


Not all mycorrhizal fungi have the same capacities and tolerances. Some are better at imparting drought resistance while others may be more effective in protecting against pathogens or have more tolerance to soil pH or temperature extremes. Because of the wide variety of soil, climatic, and biotic conditions characterizing man-made environments, it is improbable that a single mycorrhizal fungus could benefit all hosts and adapt to all conditions. For example, the types and activities of mycorrhizal fungi associated with young plants may be quite different from those associated with mature plants. Likewise, mycorhizal fungi needed to help seedlings establish themselves may differ from those that sustain productivity over the season. The diversity of mycorrhizal fungi formed by a given plant may increase its ability to occupy diverse below-ground niches and survive a range of chemical and physical conditions.


Thoroughly mix 1/3 cup of BioGrow into each 1 cubic foot of potting soil or seed starting mix before filling pots for planting. When setting out transplants thoroughly mix 3.5 ounces of BioGrow into each 1 cubic foot of soil that is removed to make your planting hole. Backfill inoculated soil under where the plant will go and all around the root ball or peat pot to get immediate contact with emerging roots. The beneficial microbes will expand outward with the growing root system and also inoculate roots, which come down from the vine and contact roots spreading out from the center. Later in the season, you may want to use some BioGrow in the trench at the rooting site when burying vines some distance out. It now seems pretty clear that adding 1 to 2 Tablespoons at each leaf axil on the main and the lateral vines pays big dividends later in the season in increased pumpkin growth. Many growers are now using 3-6 pounds per plant and are setting new personal best records.


Contains 4 species of Endomycorrhizal Fungi: Glomus intraradices at 33 propagules per gram, G. Aggreggatum at 33 prop/gram, G. Mosseae at 33 prop/gram, & G. Etunicatum at 33 prop/gram. Total 132 prop/gram or 60,000 prop/lb. G. Etunicatum is the newest species added after research that indicated the importance of this species relative to plant health, drought tolerance, mineral nutrition, plant growth, flowering, parasitic nematode control, and improved establishment of agricultural plants.

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